The 1607 Venture Podcast

The 1607 Venture Podcast is an American history podcast that will cover all of US history from pre conization to the present.

This is one way that we are providing educational content for you, free of Critical Race Theory.

America is a great country to live in. Actually, it’s the best country to live in. We are not without our sins. We have failed many times, but hope, freedom, and prosperity are still attainable here like nowhere else on earth.

In this podcast, we don’t shy away from the ugly events of the past; we will discuss them at length. At the same time, we see America as a nation to be proud of, despite our past failures.

Our founding principles and ideals, that individuals have God-given rights and freedoms that must be protected, are quintessential to who we are as Americans.

You can listen to our American history podcast below, as well as access the show notes.

You can also find it at any of the major podcast platforms, such as Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify, Stitcher, and more.