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Reclaiming Our Past, Defending Our Futurethe 1607 venture


The 1607 Venture seeks to foster a renewed sense of pride and respect in America and our founding ideals. That doesn’t mean we agree with everything America has done.

It means that we respect what it has given us, cherish the freedom it has brought us, and defend the rights of future Americans to enjoy the same liberty we have today.

statue of liberty
Image by Ronile from Pixabay 


Our passion is to bring about a new sense of belonging, pride, and hope in America. There is too much division in our country. There is too much polarization, confusion, and frankly, there’s too much dishonesty.

The vision of The 1607 Venture is to:

1. Accurately Depict American History

There is a lot of information about American history, but a lot of it is tainted with Critical Race Theory. Here at The 1607 Venture, it’s just the facts.

2. Provide Educational Resources

Everyone is a learner. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or curious adult, we are here to provide an increasing amount of content so you can educate yourself and others.

3. Become a Trusted Source in American History

Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted source of American history. When people have a question about America, we want them to come here first for their answer.

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